What we do

We use a range of psychological therapies, on an outpatient basis, to those who have served in the armed forces who have suffered from stress related problems, bereavement or loss, emotional disorders such as, anxiety and depression or complex psychological trauma. Our goal is to treat the underlying causes of emotional disorders and post-traumatic stress reactions.

Our treatment model is unique in that it is neurobiologically informed to enable us to devise individualised treatment pathways. The Bridge will work with statutory and 3rd Sector organisations to ensure a full service for the individuals that we work with.

What is Trauma

The impact of trauma occurs on various levels and can interfere with a person’s ability to function in daily life, affecting relationships, work, physical and mental health as well as personal development.

How a person responds to trauma is dependent on so many things, including how pervasive and prolonged the trauma was, the context in which it took place (war, family setting, school, work etc.) and type of life experiences before and after the trauma was experienced, particularly in regard to the amount of appropriate care and support the person received.

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